ARTFUL.VISION is a new type of multimedia show format which focuses on art and artists from all areas. In recorded films we get to know the work and the stories of the individual artists who then appear in the show and present their art. In each episode we learn more about the artists, so that suspense and excitement build up. In an outstanding final show, all artists appear and perform together and the artworks that they create or present during the show are combined and form a new multi-faceted piece of art.

ARTFUL.VISION is not only a symbol, but gives a practical and theoretical testimony to how the world can be improved.

ARTFUL.VISION is a connection between creative people, organizations, companies, business people who not only want to change the world, but actually are doing it.


THE INTENTION is to create a multimedia format unseen until this day. A show where the full potential of every artist is discovered, where every aspect of a person – the entire range – is captured. Art is always interspersed, intertwined and a mirror of our society. The intention is to highlight the potential power that art and artist have, to lead our society forward, and even try to give answers to some of the most raised questions of everyday life. One main goal is to create an echo and shout out into our society that everyone has the capability and responsibility to change the world in order to save it for future generations, even to make our society a more fair and equal one.


THE GOAL of ARTFUL.VISION is also to create a piece of art at the season’s finale in which all artists are involved, just like The Knotted Gun. This artwork will be put in a public place, or maybe sold for charity, in order to send a signal that we can and want to change not only the future, but the present we are living in.



The symbol of THE BLACK ROSE will be introduced in ARTFUL.VISION, representing the sovereignty and expressing the freedom and versatility of art. Inspired by a painting by Arnd Kosmack, THE BLACK ROSE will appear again and again in this multimedia show, sometimes visually as an image, sometimes acoustically as a song and last but not least as an award given to specific works of art.


The target audience of ARTFUL.VISION is anyone who wants a positive change in our society. The aim is to reach all the wonderful people, e.g. in the movement ’Fridays for Future’, or the ’The Knotted Gun’ - Non- Violence statement. ARTFUL.VISION wants to reach out to all the beautiful voices and other movements and show them that art is also a way of changing the world, giving it a voice, a place where it can be heard. To embrace the inclusion of all people, like ’Black Lives Matter’ through the possibilities of art.


ARTFUL.VISION will be organized through a central website. Here you can call up news about the show, experience the show live, watch past shows and short videos in a media library, join in the discussion and get further background information on artists and their art. In addition, you can track the current status of the pieces of art that were created during the final show. ARTFUL.VISION will also be present on social media platforms in order to build a worldwide community that will develop a life and dynamic of its own. These channels are also used for advertising purposes. At this point, we invite everyone, who shares our vision and can relate to our ideas to partner with ARTFUL.VISION.